Lune claire Ⅲ

Named as ‘Lune Claire Nangwol’ which means bright and clear moon, our new diamond collection is made up of very small diamonds and pieces featuring JIGUM’s exquisite sculpting. / With the classic prong setting, our diamonds are small but features elegant shine./ Connected to a chain the diamond gives a subtle shine with movement.

정교한 조각과 미세 다이아몬드 세팅들로 이루어진 다이아몬드 컬렉션입니다. / 클래식한 프롱셋팅 다이아몬드가 섬세하고도 우아합니다. / 체인에 연결해준 다이아몬드가 움직일 때마다 미묘하게 빛이 납니다.


[ Collection ] 24 BIJOUX DE DIAMANT Ⅲ
[ Material ] 14k , 18k gold & Diamond (0.004 carat ,0.03 carat)
[ Info ] earring head : 2.0 mm x 2.0 mm , overall length : (~60mm)
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