Le Verre

Radiance and grade are important elements for diamonds. But what is more important is to think about the taste of the person who will wear it and to choose a shape that best suits that person. The second diamond series by JIGUM, presenting customized jewelry that you will cherish your whole life, offers more special cuts, from classic radiant cut, to marquise cut, oval cut, pear cut etc. -> change

' 투명하고 우아한 겨울의 다이아몬드'  마퀴즈컷 으로 이루어진 JIGUM의 다이아몬드 컬렉션입니다. 0.072carat 마퀴즈가 메인으로 세팅되어 있으며, 특유의 가늘고 긴 형태가 손목을 더욱 우아해 보이게 합니다. 


[ Collection ] 22 BIJOUX DE DIAMANT  Ⅱ
[ Material ] 14k , 18k gold & Diamond (0.072 carat)
[ Info ] pendant : 2.20 mm x 4.70 mm, overall length : (~180mm)

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